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Deep in the centre is the core of human existence represented as the innermost orange circle, the locus for life energy. This is seat of the purest form of energy, which connects a being to the rest of the Universe. This area is closely associated with our sub-conscious mind. This also represents the centre of the Earth's core which has a high-energy powerful force.


The next layer is the surface of a human being, his individuality. Just like the soft grass and soil which covers the earth's surface and is in close touch with its inside, the light olive green colour circle represents who we are to the rest of the world and to our mind. It represents our morals, emotions, intelligence, personality and behaviour.


The next dark green colour is just like the trees on the earth. They are rooted within the earth's surface, yet connected through only a stem. They represent our connection with our world. They represent our family, friends, neighbours, fellow citizens of the world, and all the creatures in the nature.


The outermost blue circle, representing the sky and the atmosphere which envelops the earth, represents our Universe. It represents the vast infinity around us with all the invisible forces that keep us going.

About Us

Chetanalaya Institute’s work is concentrated on supporting humanity, peace and spirituality in national as well as international circles .

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Mindfulness Camps

Mindfulness Camps with 10th graders and young Parents Chetanalaya, Institute for Humanity, Peace and Spirituality teamed up with Prof. Dr. Len Fleischer from Department of Education, Keene University, who is...


APPRA Conference 2015

Chetanalaya is happy to be the Strategic Partner for the upcoming APPRA Conference 2015. Please visit their page for more details:


Chetanalaya’s Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development

 Chetanalaya’s Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development     At Chetanalaya, all our efforts and projects are directed through Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development. Explained here, is our philosophical...

Hawaii Governor

Company Profile

We recently improvised on our Company Profile. Our Founder, Dr. Pradeep shared the vision while on his trip to US.  

Nonkilling book release

Book Release at Hawaii

    Book Release of ‘Ahinsatmak Rajnaitik Vigyan’ Dr. Pradeep Dhakal officially releases ‘Ahinsatmak Rajnaitik Vigyan’, Nepali translation of ‘Nonkilling Global Political Science’ with the author, Prof. Glenn D. Paige,...

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