Chetanalaya Institute
Institute for Humanity, Peace and Spirituality

¬†Chetanalaya’s Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development     At Chetanalaya, all our efforts and projects are directed through Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development. Explained here, is our philosophical framework, taken from our upcoming book, ‘Insight into Self’. A generative force is always centrifugal in nature, i.e. from inside to outside. The Centrifugal Model […]

    Book Release of ‘Ahinsatmak Rajnaitik Vigyan’ Dr. Pradeep Dhakal officially releases ‘Ahinsatmak Rajnaitik Vigyan’, Nepali translation of ‘Nonkilling Global Political Science’ with the author, Prof. Glenn D. Paige, at Sir’s residence in Hawaii. The book has already been translated in almost 30 languages across the world and has been a pioneering work in […]