Chetanalaya’s Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development




At Chetanalaya, all our efforts and projects are directed through Centrifugal Model of Peace and Development. Explained here, is our philosophical framework, taken from our upcoming book, ‘Insight into Self’.

A generative force is always centrifugal in nature, i.e. from inside to outside. The Centrifugal Model of Development encompasses this fact that the force of developmental change to occur in the outer spheres of society and universe must first begin deep within the core of humans. Unless the inner core is energized with peace and positivity, it is impossible to have lasting peace and positivity in this world. A development model that focuses on all the layers, beginning at the core, is what we need. The process begins inwards, connecting with core, connecting with your inner self, connecting with others and connecting with universe.

This process begins with strengthening of core through Self-realization.

We behold the vastness of the entire universe within us. It can be traversed by anyone who steps inwards. That is the ultimate journey a person can take while he is alive. It is not a privileged pleasure of a few, but accessible to each and every one of us. It may be more or less difficult, depending on our existing state of awareness and alignment, but each of us can reach the state of self-realization. Each of us can be a Buddha – the Enlightened One. It helps us discover truth, beginning with our own self.

Once we have realized our own unique individuality, we know exactly what we were created for, what is our inner calling. Once we accept this role, so also accept and respect the role of others, of every creature and creation.

When each moment is lived in alignment with the inner core, excellence will naturally be the end result of the action, be it in duties performed, the relationships nurtured or activities done for self development. There will be happiness and contentment. When such a mind dwells in a body, it is bound to be healthy and energetic.

When we thus experience the unconditional happiness in each moment, remain stable in thoughts, emotions and actions, no matter what the situation is, connect with everyone at a deeper plane, respect all creations, carry only love for every person and every creation in the universe, we are ready to let the inner joy flow through you. We are ready to transfer this blissful joy to others.

When a lot of people gain an insight into self through self-realization through this or any other method or by just being born with it naturally, there is expansion of the collective consciousness. The peace and positivity spirals through the society and the universe.

When the efforts are collectively made by conscious individuals towards the common human goals of bringing peace and harmony to the world, it will escalate the light of universal consciousness, just like many little candles when lit up together dissipate darkness.

It is thus, possible.