Mindfulness Camps with 10th graders and young Parents


Chetanalaya, Institute for Humanity, Peace and Spirituality teamed up with Prof. Dr. Len Fleischer from Department of Education, Keene University, who is also a Clinical Psychologists for conducting camps in Mindfulness. We worked with 10th graders of Himalayan High School and Global Public School. The youngsters learned techniques of Meditation, Abdominal breathing, Body scan and Creative Visualization. They also learned the difference between reacting v/s responsive, so that they become more emotionally intelligent when it comes to acting in the face of stress, trauma or threat. They sang and danced to the tunes of  ‘We Will Move with the Mother when She Rocks!’ and openly shared their experiences during their earthquake, their memories, their personal growth amidst the trauma and their visions for the future.

We then worked with parents (as well as grandparents) during a workshop on Mindful Parenting. We discussed child development, importance of being in a child’s life as a source of inspiration, allowing a child’s full potential to enhance their creativity, positive discipline, role of self-fear and fixed ideas being projected onto a child,  how to deal with worry, and how to be around when environment at school is not friendly enough. The parents actively participated in discussions, debated about their own ideas and lovingly interacted with the kids who played quietly in a corner. We are thankful to Prof. Jaya Raj Acharya for his kind presence and his generosity for lending the auditorium at Takshashila Academy.